Self service rent a Bike

Some service is available 24×7 , it is a self service, and docking stations are available across City of Paris .

These organizations, also runs Barclays Cycle in London & BIXI in Montreal .

Velib” is one of these services in Paris.

When you hire a bicycle from them, there are two options available and they are as follows :

1- Subscribe for long time ( Usually for the residents of city of Paris)

2- Buy ticket for short term.( recommended to the short term visitors)

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Bike for Tour in Paris

One other organizations is : “Rent a bike in Paris
It propose the special offers for Electric Bike and the Bike Tour in Paris and special offer for WEEK END :
(2 full days, from Saturday morning to Sunday night)
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Allovelo“, is the third organization that dedicates to renting bicycles in Paris.

you only need to make a telephone call and let them know that you need a bicycle at certain time and date, and they will deliver one at your doors, and also they will come back to collect the bicycle at the agreed time.

To have an accurate estimate of the Allovelo services,

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