Louvre Museum

(From)/ One Person / Half Day

This visit is a selection of the most famous artworks in the world, and it starts from the Venus de Milo status in Sully wing-zero level, and follow by Antiquities & the mommies Egyptian,

The meeting in Napoleon III Apartments in Richelieu wing-first floor remember us the end of French Revolution,

Visitors find Mona Lisa’s smile in Denon wing-first floor in passing the Liberty Leading the people art work in “painting France” & arriving to the Winged Victory of Samothrace status of Greek Antiquities.

The visit finish by the French Crown Jewels in the Apolon Gallery.

Duration of Visit about 3 hours.

Louvre Museum is closed Tuesdays!


Louvre Museum Ticket 

A royal palace in 18th century became a huge world museum during French Revolution and it named LOUVRE MUSEUM.

The Louvre Museum located in the Paris center and could find the artworks in this collection from 7th BC.

This museum has 5 levels ( -2 until +3) and three principals interconnecting wings are : SULLY, RICHELIEU & DENON.

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