Eiffel Tower with Boat Cruise & Open Tour

(From)/ One Person / One day

Eiffel Tower visit + Boat Cruise on the Seine river + Paris Tour by open-tour & more…

Description :

Trocadero Square and Champs Mars  are the first steps of the visit.We go to visit 3 floors of Eiffel tower.

Each floor has different object to see & get experience.

Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower (3rd floor) using the elevator and take the pleasure of having a splendid panoramic view of Paris and take souvenir photos.

In Mr. Eiffel’s office, witness the historic meeting with Thomas Edison.

Follow by the Boat Cruise on Seine river , and at the end  “Visit City of  Paris” by Auto car-Open Tour.

Attendance of  an guide for 2 hours for this tour



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